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Full Version: 1st MIX ON DISCUSSION ZONE ! (Happy Pills)
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Hi !

This is my first mix on the discussion zone. As a new member (and relatively young mixer) I hope that you'll like. I'm also looking to have great conversations and feedback over it to improve myself at mixing. Smile

This time i wanted to work with my first SSL channel strip to get use to it. So it is mostely mixed with a tape emulator and an SSL-E plugin

Tell me what you think ! Smile

Can't wait to read you back

have a nice day, from France !
Hey Sevpio, good mix ! Smile Grate energy, and its beefy. What i think thought is that there is a tiny bit too much mud around 150-350, mayinly i think around 250hz other then that its a very good first mix, cheers.
Sounds pretty good. The guitars feel unbalanced. The guitar on the right feels predominantly louder. I hear the panning when the guitar goes to the center so those moves/edits can be checked to see if they're ok. At least the first time. The vocals get a bit "forgotten". They're there and I can hear them but sometimes they get overshadowed by the guitar on the right. The bass feels fine. I think a little grit or distortion wouldn't hurt to give it some definition but it feels fine as is.

And...the media player on here keeps restarting the song so I can only get to the second verse. But that far it feels good. See if you're happy with the level of guitar on the right I think if it came back a bit it might open up some space for everything else.
Salut! Some flaws are easily fixed. Clicking Kick would have to be somehow quieter. From time to time, the right channel sounds louder than the left - this is due to panning.
The balance of instruments is good. The frequency response is in order.
- Low end is a bit too much
- Kick beater is a too ‘piercing’ sounding in the 4k-5k range
- A bit too much reverb on vocals
- I hear pumping in the mix. Not sure if you added compression/limiting to the mixbus or something like that

Good luck!