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Full Version: Mixing My Own
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I did a mix using only Ableton plugins:

-Cleaned all the channels with some eq
-Compress and sature a bitt the beats
-add distortion on the synth 1 to make it more powerful
-Edit the backing vocals to have no delay and sound together with the main vocals
-eq and compress the vocals in some cases eq and deessing some "S" cause are so present
-put some insertion reverbs to send behind some elements.

Sends: parallel compression, reverbs and delay, the reverb of the vocals are sidechained from the same vocal to get only the tail and a subtle stereo response

Little master with some multiband compression, and a limiter limiting some peaks

tell me what you think! thanks!
For these days, master could use some more hyped hi-end, it gets a little dark for a tune like this. But it's a good mix.
Kick and bass gel really nice. Cool subtle treatment for the last verse (the "I'm good at my own" part)!