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Full Version: Extended dream :)
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This song is really good Smile

It reminds me of the soundtrack (By The Chemical Brothers) to the movie "Hanna" (Joe Wright's superb movie recorded in 2010. An absolute must-see, if you haven't seen it. Saoirse Ronan is exceptional in it. Some of the scenes in the movie are actually recorded not far from where I currently live Smile )

Anyway, this song has the same kind of tone and atmosphere. Super good.

So, listening to the original track here, I couldn't really find anything wrong with it. It sounded balanced and finished already.

The drums are clean and defined. The bass is deep and goes to the stomach already. The synths are wide and swirly and atmospheric.

All in all I couldn't think of anything I could do to improve this track.

So I decided to have some fun instead and created an extended remix version (Maybe not what the author is after, but if I had just tried to master the original version I wouldn't be able to come up with anything better sounding, so I figured it would be kind of pointless trying to improve something that already sounded the way it should (Well, the way I like it to sound anyway Smile ))

I like the mellow mood it has, and tried to keep that.

I toned down the distorted gritty bit in the last half, since I'm not a big fan myself of that particular type of sound. I think it's the sound you hear all the time in dubstep or techstep or... whatever is down that road (I'm not sure what it's called these days. There are so many sub-genres that I've given up keeping track of what they all attempt to mean, or which sound they try to define as 'their' thing. Back in the old days it was pretty much just called jungle and d'n'b and that was pretty much covering anything breakbeat. Much easier Smile Modern kids complicate everything Tongue )

I guess you could say I placed it in the room next to the dance-hall Smile (It sounds like it's coming from behind a wall now. I like that better than having it too much 'in your face')

It's not too prominent in the original either, so I think (Hope) it's still within the author's intent.
But at least I kept it in there. It does actually add a little edgy or crispy flavor on top of the liquid mellowness, so I think it serves its purpose.

As said; I didn't really see any reason to mess with the original's sound, but I did make a few micro-adjustments (Probably nobody would notice unless doing a null-test Smile )

I hope the author likes the sound of this and is pleased with the result.
I for sure like the song a lot, so it was a great way to spend easter for me (Diving into good music is a good stress-killer Smile )
So thank you for the opportunity.

Hi Jel,

i'm totally fine with remixes of my stuff, i found a few on YouTube already. As long as you don't earn money with it, you would't get a copyright claim from my site.

Now to your mix: I mentiond earlier in someone else post that nobody really catches the room/reverb-stuff around all elements and it sound almost everytime to dry to my ear (ofc, i'm the producer of this stuff and just know my style). You try to keep it clean, that's okay, but it's missing a lot on the main snare. The rest got a pretty nice sounding reverb on it, but the snare is out of place.

The balance is also a bit weird. The snare is on top of everything else, to loud about 6db or even more. I believe there are 4 diffrent snare sounds in this project that are mean to be layerd and balanced out. Maybe you should rework your levels of the drums. The overheads (rides, hihats etc) are to quiet, also the main bass. But this is my opinion.

Otherwise, thank you for you work and i hope you had a lot of fun with it.

Greetings - cryonicPAX
Thank you Smile

I will revisit it again at a later time so I can hear it with fresh unbiased ears.
Usually I find that that makes it easier to hear things that may stick out but went unnoticed the first time (It's so easy to get 'snow-blind' when you work many hours on a song Smile )
So I let some time pass to empty my 'ear-memory' Smile
(You know the effect of looking at one color for some time, then you can see the anti-color when you look away. 'Eye-memory' or 'vision-memory'. I wanted to make sure I was clear of that before trying your song again Smile )

This version (08) has deeper bass and less pronounced snare.

Personally I still like the first version I posted though, so I'm curious to hear if you like this new one better. It may sound a bit more raw. I guess it's a matter of taste.

Still a super-cool song you made though Smile