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Full Version: Please rate my mix (cla inspired)
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Hey guys here is my attemp of mixing this song im trying to improve my mixing skills, and i am trying to emulate cla sound ,please rate my mix , if you like or not , please tell me that is very important for me, im trying to start a career in audio engineer and i need to now how good or bad are my mixing skills thanks and sorry for my bad english cheers from venezuela SmileSmile!!!!!!!
hello, please engage some compression at the end. Try to mix with it. Add some reverb to snare and generally some air. Try to mix listening to the original mix first. Then when U will be sound similar try to go own way to find some better stuff Smile Cheers.
Hi, thanks for sharing your mix.

Personally I think it's a VERY good mix. I'd definitely hire you.
Things that I'd suggest is maybe add some reverb to your snare and toms, and bring up the overheads a little bit more. And try to diverse your stereo width. It sounds like everything is panned either hard left or hard right, it would end up like just two mono tracks, wouldn't it? (at least I'm hearing it that way). Also I'm not sure if you have some kind of ambient plate SFX going on in the background? It kinda pierces out here and there.

Anyway, it is FAR from bad. Fantastic job on the overall tone.

I'm looking forward to hearing more from you, because I'm also want to be an audio engineer someday.

Good luck for both of us!
All the kick notes aren't there. It sounds like the threshold on the gate is a little too low.