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Full Version: Headphone Mix HollowGround_IllFate
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My Headphone Mix from HollowGround_IllFate. Hope you like it. Usefull criticism are very welcome Wink


The 1st thing I noticed is lack of low'ish mids in the guitars which results in very scooped sound and the vocal in this case doesn't sit very well (it pokes you right in the face). I would add something about 1k to the guitars, maybe get them a bit closer together, add more mid to the bass. The kick is a bit peaky, meaning that the Q-parameter of the used EQ is too high, in my opinion. Nevertheless the mix kinda works but it needs more work. Smile
Hey Thelongestear thanks for your advice. I have to listen to that mix and work on it when I have some monitors. But at the moment I only can hear and mix with my Headphones. Maybe I can post later a final Mix. I hope you will hear it and give me some further tips.
Sorry my english is not that good so I hope you can decipher what I mean. Smile
Okay I've tried to add more in the 1k area in the guitars, turn down the vocals, add more lower frequenzys in the kick and more body to the bassguitar. But again with my Headphones. I hope it sounds better now.
And it is a little louder. Wink


That's better, Frittus. Keep working. Cheers. Smile
I agree. The second one sounds a lot better. Nice work.
Thanks thelongestyear and bmullen!

Here is a youtubelink so you can see which plugins I've used if anyone is interested.
Yes the second one is much better.The snare is too thin and guitars can get some meet on 100 hz area.
Very nice for a headphone mix!
Thanks gopener! I will try to warm the guitars up and modulate the snaredrum but I think thats a problem of my headphones so I can't Mix it properly without a pair of monitors. But many thanks for your assessment.