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Full Version: Perpetual Escape "Sin Six" Rough Mix
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Hi everyone -

I'd like to present my first mix in almost 25 years for your review and comment. This is a great tune and I hope that I didn't butcher it too badly. Some details of the mix:

1. Mixed with Harrison Mixbus 32C (K-meter about -20 DBFS RMS)
2. Mixed on a 2010 Gateway desktop with i3 and 4GB of RAM (simulates 4 cores)
3. Monitored on the PC speakers and iPhone cans and referenced in the car.
4. Doubled the following parts:
a. Bass
b. Both male and female lead vocals
5. Didn't use any of the four electric guitar2 tracks
6. Basic reverb and de-esser on female vocals
7. Compressor and gate on certain drums
8. Panned to create space rather than create depth through plugins
9. No compressor on master buss

Looking forward to your replies and thoughts. Thanks and have a great night!


8/4/2018 EDIT: Added new version in post below. Enjoy!

Hey ! Thank you for mixing our music

One main thing I immediately noticed is the overall balance of your mix. The different tracks don't gel together. Vocals and electric guitars are super loud while drums and bass sound muddy and too much behind.

Did you reference while mixing ? It really helps to replicate the placement and depth of the tracks.

Keep it up !
Thanks for your comments Mandubien. Here's a second attempt at mixing Sin Six. Note that I'm not trying to exactly replicate your placement that you did on your mix and I know that it's got some issues...

Looking forward to your further thoughts and comments.
Re-mixed and rough mastered. Hope you enjoy!