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Full Version: J0K3R - September Trance
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Has been a while since I did anything trance related, welcome back Trance Family! Big Grin

Maybe the mix turned out a little bass-heavy (curse of having to mix on headphones), what do you guys think?

Edit: I've addressed my own feedback points in the second version! Hope you like it! Smile
Right, I've been rehearsing this first draft of the mix and there are a couple of things I noticed:
1. First of all, I only now read the 'About this Multitrack' topic. I see that things were meant to be distorted a bit more Smile I kinda like the clean character though. (probably 've been listening to much to Above & Beyond and the like).
2. Other than that I think the bass is too subby. A bit more distortion will bring it more forward, also the volume could be a tad lower then.
3. Not all transitions are super fluent. The most noticable is the introduction of synth 3 and 4. Tweaking the FX volumes would probably help.
4. Synth 3 and 4 could be made more exciting to make it pop more
5. I don't really dig the pads in the breakdown atm, even though they sound pretty wide. Some (volume) automation could help in bringing them alive. I've also been playing around with the idea to narrow the stereo image in the first section (till the breakdown) to make the last section seem more impressive.
6. That bar 65 kick...
7. Lastly, the final section is really long and doesn't bring to much new stuff. Some automation or arrangement edits might help to keep the track interesting...

Anyone else to add something? Big Grin
I've added v2 to the Topic Start!
Hi niektb .
Listening to version 2 ,The bass and kick have a nice punch and sound great but sound a touch upfront by around 2-3 db in the 30-50hz area .
The synths in the intro to 0.00.30 sound great but missing some bottom end and maybe too much low frequencies rolled off below 100hz compared to when the bass and kick come in .
just some thoughts while on headphones at the moment Big Grin

Well Done !

(27-11-2017, 11:27 AM)thedon Wrote: [ -> ][...]

Thanks for your kind reply! Can you maybe detail when it's too upfront? When kick and bass hit together?