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Full Version: 'September Trance'
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I want to learn more things about mix and meet more friends of mix.Please ignore my pool english level.
I do the volume,eq,flanger,reverb,delay,sidechain,compressor,and mastering.I have been learn mix four weeks.I spend five hours mix this multitrack.
I can here somethings wrong,but I can not change the wrong thing.orz
Wow for four weeks this is pretty cool man, very creative Smile I'm far from being an expert myself, but I've learned a lot from a youtuber called "Mixbus TV", this video might help you a lot, it's about critical listening, analyzing professional mixes and getting the overall frequency balance right: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=akjNqAlVnkk&t=1629s Enjoy Smile I've done a mix of this too, feel free to comment Smile
very very thank you.
Actually I have been learn how to produce trance music about ten mounth 0.0. I want to make a song like FSOE levels .It`s my dream.
Thank you guys,very very thank you !Smile
I learn somethings from this multytrack and mix it again
I guess this track will be better
thanks for listen to me and read my fool level enlish.ORZ
The original mix had the bass at the correct levels...but the kick drum poking out pretty far....this one has the top of the kick really really sticking out! What it sounds like is that you've left quite a bit of the rest of the mix dark (not a bad thing!) but really boosted the mids and treble of the kick. In the original mix you can hear that the kick was only a supporting element....one you hear and feel on subs in a club, but not poking out in the mix.

On the other hand....I really like your treatment of the breakdown and back section of the song....totally different from the original and nice, creative mixing! Sounds like you added a melodic pad too? Love it!