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Full Version: GBass Remix, my first work for this site
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Hey fellow mixing nerds,
I'm new to this forum and new to the whole mixing contest/ remixing multitracks thing in general, in fact this is my first project of that kind. I make music for about 12 years which is half of my life, started getting into homerecording 4-5 ago and have been really hyped about mixing, post-processing, mastering etc for about a year now, eating youtube tutorials and experimenting with my own recordings like a maniac.

This mix and "master" (if it deserves that name, caution it's louder than an unmastered mix!) were done in Reaper using stock and free plugins only. I did very little to the single tracks (apart from the kick and snare) and instead bussed them to drumbus, bassbus, guitarbus and synth/piano bus and did the main part there. Hope you like it, as I said I'm kinda new to the whole topic but I think I'm starting to get the hang of it.
My main goal was to make it sound much warmer, less harsh and more lively in the lows than the original mix. Only thing I wish I did was to add an extra reverb to the Vibraslap... Maybe next time Big Grin

I'd appreciate any opinion, criticism, tips and anything very, very much Smile
Cheers from Germany! Cool
Hello again Big Grin

I have just listened once and am giving you my inital impression.

Goooood Stuff:
+ Everything(Sounds very coherent,smooth and has great tonal balance)
+ The Low End. Again. OMG. How?

Me trying to nitpick:
- Harsh Hats. Again.
- Bass slightly dynamic (some notes poke out a bit)
- Percussive elements a bit loud and distractiong
- The crash at 1:44 is super dry -> wierd
- Snare a bit loud

Awesome Mix!

Couple of things I wanna make a note off:
1. Nice sound, good clarity and nice punch. Good job!
2. The hihats are annoyingly upfront. I would use a transient shaper to push them back in the mix. (so that it's perceived position matches that of the other drums too)
3. Agreed with Lukas that the percussive elements / fx are too loud and distracting.
4. I think the guitars could really benefit from some reverb / delay / chorus effects to make it swirl more.
5. Lastly, the track is somewhat repetitive. (of course not your fault since its already that way in the multitracks) Maybe you can do some arrangement edits to keep the track more interesting?