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My newest mix. The first one where I did not leave the main vocal in the center cause there were two of them. One is panned 20L and other 20R. I had trouble with guitars cause they had so much beef in them and bass was also hard to get to sound good. Drums and vocals were easy to mix.
Maybe I should do the mix with both vocals in center.
version 2. Dirtier snare drum. And fixed the panning of main vocals.
Hi Obelix.

I'm afraid you have made wrong moves this time. The overall mix ix VERY muffled, like you boosted 20 dB at 100 Hz :p

The tracks sound very disconnected each other. And some important guitars are absent (prechorus, intro). I think you should start again from scratch and take more time balancing the tracks only with faders first.
New version. I fixed the guitars.
Is it better than first two mixes ?
Anyone ?
I'll reply later in the night Wink
So, It's much better ! The last mix sound much balanced.

Some little things you can fix : it's very centered. Almost every instrument is in the center. Use more the panning to give separation.
Hats are still pretty agressive. Don't hesitate to deess or low pass them.

Once done, you will have a very solid mix ! I love the sound of the bass by the way Smile
Version 4 will sound like a record.
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