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Full Version: El Vuelo - Mix by heavymetalmixer
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The second mix I do, I tried to incorporate more stuff than in the first song I mixed from this site:


What critics and suggestions do you have?
A little balance:
24 bits WAV version: https://mega.nz/#!6xFzkbaQ!yQzQCGIsDCBf2...IlzBAaPwD0
I'd recommend posting the files on this site as an mp3 or m4a. You'll be more likely to get people to listen to your mixes that way. People are reluctant to download the files from another source and those links are likely to disappear in the future.

Here's info on how to upload you files here.
Done (in the second one).

Just two things that stand out to me

*Drums sound very tiny and life less.. it needs more Eq and reverb work. like cutting around the 500hz area on the kick and toms.. and more body on snare around the 120 hz or so.
*Synths are a bit too loud in comparison with the solo guitars.. that's about it

I tried to follow your suggestions and got this, it sounds better than the first two.

24 bits WAV: