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Full Version: Ian Dearden - Thursday reverie
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Hello! That's what happened with me. Happy listening.Smile
This is a fascinating exercise!!

Your version is more strident and anthemic, less contemplative, and places emphasis on different aspects of the same raw material!!

Thank you so much for your different perspective on my work - I'm privileged and delighted!!

Warm regards

Ian D
Big Grin
Thank you for listening! It would be much better if this basic pad was originally a little brighter. In such a case it could be initially make a correct dynamics. So, what would it nice fall on the ear.Angel
Solid mix, mate!

The synth you mentioned is actually too dominant around the 2 - 3 khz area. Amongst other problems with some tonal dynamics in your mix, this leads to a pretty boring overall experience. Try to see each instrument as an individual life form that wants to breathe and express its own interpretation of the song. You should give them as much tonal characteristics and color as possible. This is especially important in this song, since there are just a few instruments filling the sound stage.

The FX sounds could be equalized a little fresher and brighter, in order to counteract the dullness of the main synthesizers.

Hope this helps a little. Keep up the good work! \m/_