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Full Version: Hollow Ground - I'll Fate (Michael Franz/Apocalypse Studio Mix)
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Hey Guys,

i decided to mix this Song because of it's brutallity. And it was really funny. I didn't use any drum samples, but i reamped the guitars. Would be nice if someone leaves a feedback.
Cool guitar sound! What's the amp that you used? Feedback-wise I personally love distortion on top of these kinds of vocals. I put up my version of this song mix earlier where I just used a TSE 808 (vst copy of the Maxon OD-808) on the vocals in an fx channel and I was pretty pleased with it, check it out if you want, it's really easy to get a good sound with! Then again, I'm a big noob in sound engineering, just tinkering about at home Big Grin
Thanks for the Reply. For the Guitars I used the EZ Mix 2 Plugin with the Metal Amplifiers Expansion Pack. But I think it's not always that easy with the Guitars Sounds of Ez Mix. They need almost everytime tons of EQ (Especially the High Mids and the High End). I think its easier to reamp a great amp with just a single SM 57 or addionally with a condenser mic. Sometimes I use just a little bit Distortion on Vocals but not everytime but it would fit perfectly to this song. So i will listen to your track right nowSmile
I got the EZ-mix package too and I agree that they arent that "EZ" every time, for example if you use the presets from Fredrik Thordendal you will always sound like Meshuggah no matter what you do Tongue Two knobs are a bit too simple for my taste