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Full Version: My Mix of this song
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Here is my mix of this song. I am new haven't been mixing that long. So I know I need to fix some parts. But I would like comments on my mix.
Keep reading and watch mix vids and practice your mixing as you will find it hard to get any
feedback on here.
Greetings bigd48

Quick message from iPhone on train going to work.
Just got to your mix (I haven't been checking the hip hop section) and you are off to a good start.
I don't know what is "in the bag" as far as audio files go with this track and I haven't listened to any other versions for comparison. But places I can hear room for improvement is in the low end of things. The bass and kick don't seem to come through very well on even my closed back headphones which usually enhance the bottom end.
If the fuzzy synth bass is the only 'bass' option in the multitracks, try giving it a little nudge up in volume but not too much - you might have to take a little out of the upper mids so it keeps room for the vocals and other instrumentation.
The kick can simply be brought up in level or if it is part of a loop then you'll have to get creative with setting a gate on an aux triggered by only the kick and then add some processing on that aux to get the kick to cut through the mix a bit more. Again watch that you don't overpower the mix with the low end or it will play havoc with any master buss compression you have.

Hope this helps you tackle another version of this track or the next track you have a go at.