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Full Version: Speak Softly - Broken Man - Pete
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Hello Everyone,

this is the first mix i'm posting and the 5th i've ever done, to learn the most i can from this any comments you have will be greatly appreciated!

It was a joy to work on this, nice song and tracks.
As for the mixing i didn't feel anything special was needed, most effort went into level of the lead vocal and getting a little more kick in.

look forward to your comments!

Hey dude,

i've got a couple of suggestions.

-The vocal could probably use a De-Esser. This is especially noticeable in the opening verse.
-I'm hearing some clipping when the chorus kicks in, make sure your levels aren't too hot when all that extra db kicks in!
-The vocal overpowers the instrumentals a lot in the chorus, the instrumentals sound pretty muddy, try cutting some mids and see if that cleans it up. if not, try a HPF on some of the instrumentals to clean up that low end
- Try a compressor on the vocal. If you're already using one, i'd suggest kicking it in harder on the vocal crescendo towards the end of the song. You also might wanna push a little more verb into the vocal to smooth it out a bit.

Hope this helps you man! keep mixing and thanks for posting!
Hi Starrtwo,

thanks for your comments and taking the time to listen to the mix!

I'll try your suggestions in the next few days, see if i can improve things.

thanks again,