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Full Version: Forkupines: SBTFBIW
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This is my rough mix of the song that I did for a mixing class. Any feedback is welcome!

Hi Michelle, Overall your mix sound good, the bass tone in particular has a nice low mid growl to it that really fits with this style of music. The kick in my opinion is a little forward and blunt, it's also making the mix pump especially in the chorus. I would turn the kick down a couple of dBs and add scoop out some 300-400 Hz to clear up the muddiness of the kick and maybe add some 4-8 kHz for a little more smack in the kick. The distorted guitars seem to be getting lost behind the bass in the first verse and chorus. Try lowering the volume of the bass there (the kick may also be the culprit for that as well). The vocals are quite dry and would benefit from some reverb (maybe a plate or small hall reverb). Overall as I said the mix is good, it just needs some refinement and tweaking. Keep up the good work and good luck with your class.
Hi Michelle, I agree with most of what dcp200 said. I would leave a cut at 300 to 450Hz for an overall cleanup of the entire mix. I would suggest that you carve a semi-narrow bandwidth around 180Hz to 225Hz to deepen the kick and soften the punch a bit. This is something I do on a regular basis with most kicks to help tame a really hard impacting or a punchy kick. I like the vocal balances but agree a touch of something maybe a short delay with a filter in stereo followed by a subtle reverb would be a good place to start. The drum FX tracks should sound more like reverby explosions for my taste and not come in so hard, it draws too much attention away from the rest of the track as it is now. Try a very tight double with a little detune on the guitars or an extremely short verb to give them size and help you too bring them up a bit more in the mix but it will also helpl keep them a little behind the leads and add some wider stereo to them. This is a very clear and clean mix and I think that's a great way to start and take a good listen to the other mixes hear and check out some of the different approaches to similar aspects of this mix. Great work and stay ahead of you fellow classmates, it's really a very competitive field out here.