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Full Version: Ill Fate: Phil's Take
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Hey y'all. Second mix I've uploaded... today. Wow. Really loving this site, hope to receive some helpful criticism regarding my mixes! Big Grin Here's my version of the song "Ill Fate" by Hollow Ground. Looking forward to responding to any questions, comments, etc.!

EDIT: June of 2021 here. I hope I made the mix better after so many years! This was the second mix I ever did for this site. I'll probably go back and do the first as well. Change is gradual, and sometimes it's nice to see what changes side by side.
I updated the tracks in the first post Smile 2015! Wow, it feels like... a lifetime ago haha.
Wow really interesting to hear the progress made in a 6 year period, is like night and day between v1 and v2.
Loving the energy in your latest mix, saturation on the vocals makes it sound all the more ANGRY!
Excellent work, looking forward to hearing more.