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Motor Tapes: 'Shore'
09-12-2018, 08:10 PM
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RE: Motor Tapes: 'Shore'
Nice mix(Shore 6) nice punch.

Reaper user
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09-12-2018, 08:44 PM
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RE: Motor Tapes: 'Shore'
(09-12-2018 08:10 PM)Cudjoe Wrote:  Nice mix(Shore 6) nice punch.

Hey Cudjoe
Thanks man, very much appreciated!!

Gear:-Zoom R24 interface, controller - Cubase/Reaper - Assorted Waves, Airwindows suite, AKG K240 Cans, Event TR5 reference monitors.
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18-03-2019, 04:42 PM
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RE: Motor Tapes: 'Shore'
It feels tight and "spacious"?. Dig the solo part and the OHs in the choruses (this is on version 8).
Great deessing (what a weird compliment...)!

The soft vocals in the verses are clear and present, thou the fret noise gets a little too much exposed. Is making the playing look better than it actually is part of the job? Or should the mixer publicy shame the sloppy players and make them man up? Sadly, now everybody knows "the mixer can fix it".

In the choruses, I feel like the oh oh ohs get lost and the lines with lyric are kinda loud. And to end with the nitpicking, didn't care too much for the little guitar strums at the beginning (overdubs or copied from the choruses?), they seem to come in pretty late after the beat. Overall, another solid mix.
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