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Here are the main things I did:

Muted the AK47 and AR51 glass tracks.
Narrowed the glass tracks to 70/70.
Added moderate compression to all tracks and light compression to the mix.
Put a high pass filter at 250 Hz and added notches at 1075 and 2150 for the glass tracks. I cut the vocals at 150 and added 3dB at 2900.
Added a de-esser to the vocal tracks
Put a small amount of reverb on the glass and a very small amount on the vocals
Raised the vocals 1dB in the choruses.

.mp3    Glorius.mp3 --  (Download: 6.96 MB)

This is an subtle, solid and amazing mix. Just what you need in where you need it...
Bravo Mike. Mixing is an art.