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Location, Location (ridcullylives mix)
Hi! This is my first full mix ever, so please be kind Smile I chose this one because it's a fairly straight-ahead rock song without an overwhelming number of tracks.

I don't have any sample libraries, so all the sounds are original, and I used only the standard plugins from Ableton Live 8.

The guitars were put through amplitube, which gave them a bit more definition and bite. The only editing I did on the whole song was to duplicate one of the guitar parts with a different EQ and panning in the chorus to give it a bit more depth. If I had more time, I would have tried to do some editing to fix some of the more obvious flubs, but alas it wasn't the case.

Amped bass was deleted and I reamped the DI bass through amplitube, with a bit of compression and EQ added afterwards.

Drums were gated, EQed, and compressed, with the room mic kept very very low for just a bit of ambience. Snare was given a bit of saturation The lead vox was compressed quite heavily, EQed, and I used a bit of automation to raise the level in the chorus and add a very slight delay. There was a verrry subtle ducking of the rest of the track to the lead vox. Backing vox were given a bit of extra reverb and compressed/EQed.

Tambourines were put through a high-pass filter and given some very subtle compression, then panned fairly wide L and R to give a bit more depth in the choruses.

All the tracks were sent through a bus with a short room reverb. There was some multiband compression and subtle saturation applied to the whole track.

Hope you enjoy and can provide some feedback! Thanks.

.mp3    Location, Location.mp3 --  (Download: 6.14 MB)