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Flag 54_goldtoast

I finally managed to get something nearly satisfying for me.
Tell me what you think.


.mp3    Flags 54.mp3 --  (Download: 10.35 MB)

So here's my second approach for this song.
I thought the cymbals were too harsh and the vocal's s-noises were annoying. I also tried to give it a more direct feeling.
I'm still not satisfied with the vocals. I'm having troubles with the s and sh noises. If I'm deessing more it sounds unnatural otherwise the higher frequencies are too present.

In general I realized that I'm having issues while mastering because my top end always gets too loud whilst in the mix it sounds perfectly alright. So I'm forced to heavily cut in this area which shouldn't be done if you have a good mix.

I'm doing something wrong, so I'd really appreciate your opinions and advice.

Thanks (:

.mp3    flags_54_master2.mp3 --  (Download: 10.38 MB)