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Paper Moon
First of all, hello everyone!

This is like my very second mix in life. I imagined the quartet singing in front of me and, with this in mind, made a lot of volume and pan automation. (including a moment when the guy ran from right to left hehe).

Also, I used:
-a little bit of compression to each track

I tried adding some reverb, but couldn't make it sound good. Somehow, it was removing the rhythm that I liked so much.

So I messed with some mastering FX:
-Added a tiny bit of delay to make the everything more glued together
-Audio Exciter
-Stereo Widener

Any advices/comments/suggestions would be really welcome!

cya Smile

.mp3    Paper Moon.mp3 --  (Download: 5.29 MB)

very nice to listen. At first I thought "Bass is too loud and should not be in center, because this is not the leading voice", but your choice is in a musical way logical, because bass has the best melody lines in this song ...