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Would be very grateful for criticism !!!

.mp3    rain.mp3 --  (Download: 13.19 MB)

Nice clean&clear sounding mix! What monitors are you using?

The only thing I was missing (in my head) is audience sounds during the song + clapping in the end, because it had the vibe of a well-recorded and performed live concert.

In my opinion it's awesome that you got to mix it so clearly, but coming from a song's point of view, you gotta use your studio tools&magic to enhance the song and make it interesting for the listener at all times. I'm talking delays\effects\etc. This is of course only my opinion and my way of work, coming from a very "Pop" point of view - I always want to keep the listener interested and if all goes well - make him\her come back to have another listen Smile

If you find the time, come check out my effort on this song Smile

Thanks for sharing your work!
I worked in a regular room without acoustic design and used monitors behringer b2030a. your option I will listen! and sposibo for criticizing it is very important to me!
Pretty good. I think you could bring up the bass more against your great drums and do some more dynamic control of the lead vocal which jumps out at times.
PreSonus Studio One DAW
on RDS Server with Dante Via (ask for details)
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