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Skelpolu: 'Cold Strive'
my mix

.mp3    cold s .mp3 --  (Download: 12.95 MB)

Hey ho Takka,

Another great mix of yours, loving your creative input more and more!
Really pumping this time, I never thought of doing that in the original mix, but well chosen sidechain-compression right there - I'm taking notes! Wink
/edit: Completely forgot to mention how much I love how removing the Snare from the intro has such a different impact, also very neat!

Now, there are three things I'd like to address:
The lead is fairly prominent, which I do adore myself. However, it is a bit overwhelming I think. The second thing is that the bass sounds a bit thin, or is just low on volume - Would like to see how it sounds when you've addressed that. Last but not least, the cymbal - Where did it go? I'm almost a bit sad not hearing it even in the slightest, but I do suppose it was on purpose, so that's all up to debate. Smile

Great mix overall, apart from what I've said above I think this mix is good to go - Again, very creative input of yours, would love to see that in the next mixes!

Hey Q-Mix, here is my feedback on your mix:

I notice that you have the focus on the drums as well as the triplet-synth. That in itself is not bad, and I think the drums sound good as they are, but the rest is just underwhelmed by this fact.
The lead-synths are sounding a bit too thin and a tad too bright. The bass as well as the Pads are being missed by me quite a bit, would love to see them in the mix a bit more. Smile
I think if this is a bit more balanced this would be a great mix! I am digging the delay you've put on the percussion in the intro - Fairly subtle, but effective!

Great job, looking forward to another version of your mix. Smile

An important side notation for every mix of this track:
if you did like mixing this track, go check out the album this track came from and then vote via the link in my signature which track you want the multitracks of next on this site. Smile
Cheers for yes there will be more mixes this is dipping the toe in the water as I often do.
Its nice to get feedback from the artist also for a future mix