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meta-acustic mix - first attempt

this is a test.
I stripped off some elec guitar tracks away from the mix,

i gave the first role to voice and acoustic guitar, though bass and drums are trying to pump all along the song.

I'm not happy with this first, final mastering, because it really sounds too pumping, too "slap in the face"

The tracks contains tone and timing glitches that i'd love to correct but i let going all of that "bugs" flow in the mix for 3 reasons:

1) lack of time
2) lack of will
3) lack of skill

returning to the song:

Maybe too much compressions and over EQ.
the solo guitar must be tamed... the solo is really too high when the voice starts again!

the bass is HUGEEE.. but.. i kinda love it.

Made with cockos reaper and free vsts.


I'll love to receive critics about this.

have a nice day.

Dav. from Pisa, Italy.

.mp3    rpj.mp3 --  (Download: 9.6 MB)