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Dead Roses - 1 hour mix
Folks it's just a quick mix with native plug ins through Studio One, plus a free tape saturation plug and buss compressor from Variety Of Sound (FerricTDS) & (Density mkIII).

I didn't take time to edit the out of sync snare hits or the tempo changes. I did attempt to kill the illusion of double hit on the kick with a mild gate and slower release time.

The snare ring was not desirable to me so I cut that frequency a bit and set the release to about 330ms.

Vocals were mostly fine, just removed a little nasally sound in the mid freq's. and sent about 6db of reduction to a side chain comp on the instruments to duck the vocals and keep them at an even level.

I chose to pan the BG vocal to offset the electric guitar since i felt that the acoustic guitar and piano should be stereo. Kept the bass kick and snare up the middle.

Had fun... did it just for kicks and a test on time limits.

.mp3    Dead Roses.mp3 --  (Download: 5.44 MB)