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The Long Wait: 'Back Home To Blue'

Here goes my attempt on this nice tune. I've spent about 4 hours mixing this one, hope you enjoy!

.mp3    The Long Wait - Back Home To Blue.mp3 --  (Download: 9.52 MB)

Considering 4 hours.... yeah. A tad on the bright side on my speakers.
Lovely rough mix. However, in country music instruments has gotta be separated as much as possible. and I would like to see that. about leading vocal...... you shouldn't have to use both of them unless you wanted to create effects on specific phrases.. That's what I would do. in fact that's what I'm gonna do. Please Try to create some kind of give and take through panning for you instruments. Keep on mixing. Cheers

Funny, here I've seen one mixing engineer was using R&B, dance music as if it is a reference mix. That's too bad

Have similar genre to reference : for this mix I advice, lee ann Womack, Trisha Yearwood to name a few.
Stop collecting plugins and hardware. Understand the tools you got already, then search for extension when you reach your limit.