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Loud and Clear
This was a nice song to do. Recording nicely done (you'd expect that on a microphone showcase recording ofcourse) and I like the tune as well.

I've listened to quite a few other mixes and have to say that none of the ones I heard did in any way struck me as being "wrong". Sure, everyone did their own thing on how they wanted it to sound, but all in all, the ones I heard were all easy to listen to.

I felt the piano really would be nice to be quite prominent with the acoustic guitar just shimmering in between it, and the electric supporting it.

Hope this one is pleasant to your ears as well Smile

.mp3    Audio Technica Demo - Loud and Clear.mp3 --  (Download: 8.68 MB)

Interesting mix.
Nice job bringing out the high points in the chorus.

One problem with this tune is that it goes for bust right up front and that makes it hard to give it any room to grow so you have to find something to deemphasize or simply remove from the earlier sections in order to give it that grand finish. It might be worth going back and seeing what strikes your fancy in that regard. Never forget that some times the best way to mix a track of section of a track into a tune is to hit the mute button...
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