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Arise Run Run Run
A song without an obvious climax is quite a tricky thing to mix - I think I got a good balance, but the entire thing seems to lack excitement.

.mp3    Arise Run Run Run.mp3 --  (Download: 3.08 MB)

Listening on SE Munro Egg 150's
I felt the mix was quite unbalanced and lacked energy. The vocal sounded muffled and tucked away, the kick was way out front, there was a long sustained reverb tail on something that was distracting. IDK I think you should try listening to reference mixes throughout your mixing process, especially in the beginning. If you played a commercial reggae song then your mix I think it could steer you in a better direction. I'm no pro, but I believe in being honest with artists, anything else is unproductive.

Check out my version if you get a chance. Thanks.

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