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Dead Roses - Mixing Practice 1
I began to practice mixing today with this tune. I've done mixes for myself and I recently did 8 tracks of my own band from a performance where I was able to get multitrack from the venue, but this will be my first (of hopefully many) track to download and mix for practice.

.mp3    ANDREW COLE - DEAD ROSES - MIX - 01.mp3 --  (Download: 9.62 MB)

Solid mix you've got goin on. A couple objective things I notice: I feel the drums are just a tad too set back in the mix volume wise. If I'm understanding your approach correctly, you're wanting the drums to not be a focal point, however the low end of the kick is the only main rhythmic element my ears are picking up on. Second, and I found I had to compensate while mixing this myself, is when the female vox come in, they are markedly louder than the male vox, and its a bit jarring. additionally, the loudness of her vox is causing a sucking effect on your stereo buss compressor, making everything sound momentarily smaller. Lastly, it sounds like there is a hall verb that's getting used by multiple instruments, and the high end of it kind of jumps out a bit on certain acoustic guitar strums and drum hits. I only point this out because it was a bit distracting to me while listening. other than that, a nicely done job for your first practice of mixing someone else's music! Big Grin
Balance of wide panning of piano and acoustic guitar is a bit odd for me.
Lead guitar left and delayed guitar right sounds quite effective.
But I'd like some more of this rhythm section up the middle.
Vocals are nice volume (female a touch too loud), but lacks clarity for my old ears.
I'd like some top end in the drums - maybe its some hats and a bit more cymbals.
Try referencing against a similar sounding song to ensure that you getting a consistent tonal balance.
Great first up mix. Keep on downloading and practicing.