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Impossible Colours - Dune Rider Mix
Greetings '20kHz sub C' Wink

Really enjoying your mix of this tune. The punch of the drums, especially the snare, is killer!

I'd also have to say that for the ethereal part after 5:00 it lends itself to a 'washier' or 'wetter' mode of production than is in this version, but this also comes down to taste. I think you've maintained separation of what seems like a dozen instrument tracks really well (I haven't tackled this track yet, so I don't know what is actually in there) but at the dense section around 4:00 it gets a little busy or 'muddy' with the build of so many instruments sharing a similar frequency range. Some subtractive EQ in the 200-500Hz range on a couple of instruments might help.

The bandpass eq on the verses really suits the song and helps them stick out really well. They get a little lost in the 'halleluja' chorus section under the guitars a little, but again that could be a production decision to have them back in the mix a little.
(Just listening a 3rd time through as I type this - your snare is totally awesome!) Smile

I hope that I can get a mix as nice as yours - this is a very complicated song with a variety of styles in the sections to try to blend, and I think you have done an admirable job!

So many songs, so little time!
Man, that mix rocks, well done!
I enjoyed that. Great mix.