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The 'Mix Rescue' mix
Here's the mix I did of this track for Sound On Sound magazine's November 2009 'Mix Rescue' column, using Reaper v3.02 and a variety of third-party plug-ins. I also added piano and clav parts from virtual instruments as part of a general arrangement overhaul, as requested by the band in this case.

.mp3    0911_Remix.mp3 --  (Download: 4.92 MB)

Real nice mix here Mike,very well planned out,solid and clean.
One day i hope
Very good mix, Mike! Interesting sounds.
Looking for job opportunities as a mix engineer.
Mike man your vocal is small and dry man .
(16-11-2019, 12:39 AM)Mammy Wrote: Mike man your vocal is small and dry man .

Fair enough. I do quite like dry vocals, and with rock-influenced stuff I often try to keep the vocal as small as I can to try to keep the band sounding big by comparison. It's always a trade-off of course... Smile
Maybe im just missing something here.Im going to say few things.

This mix sounds like a raw recording to me. The kick drum sounds like a pencil tap, hihats and ride cymbal are totally missing, the bass is dominating the mix and the snare is super thin sounding. On top of that,the mix has a real " collective high end " only in certain parts. That piano part is super loud in every part of the song where it plays and it eclipses all other instruments.

Sorry if im being blunt,but i cant understand this mix at all. If i walk into the room when the band plays this song, it wont sound like this. The band playing this live will sound clear, punchy and powerful,that was what i was expecting here too.

But yeah, i just wanted to point somethings out. Unfortunately im even more ruthless with my own mixes Big Grin

Anyways,maybe i just hear this mix in a weird way at the moment,dunno. Ill recheck this mix tomorrow and post a short comment about my reaction then.