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Back home to blue
Interresting song. I mixed it with a different approach on snare drum. I think it sounds good. Bass could come a bit more to front and have a bit more mids to it.

.mp3    back home.mp3 --  (Download: 9.72 MB)

Hey man, I liked your mix on the guitar and bass, specially the voice is pretty good. I have to say that I don't really get where you were going with the drums, but I congratulate you for trying a different approach. Nevertheless I would recommend you to lower the volumes on the drums and fix a little bit the EQ (less mids) because it sounds too punchy and feels like my monitors are going to blow up haha. But apart from the high volumes on the drums I think everything else is good.
If you feel like listening to other approach you could listen to my version on the forum and give me your opinion.
The mix sounds very bottom heavy with a lot of resonance .
Use a filter on the kick and bass a tad to clean the bottom end up.
Also the vox have a lot of bottom end mud.
The rim shot needs automation also to bring it down.
Thanks for the feedback.
Yeah I agree with the others' comments, kick especially is too hard and loud. Apart from the drums think you've got a good mix.
Version 2. I did hpf on kick drum around 50 Hz and I brightened the bass using ampire from studio one 2. Snare sound is completely different and is on the brighter , more modern side than the previous one. This mix is mastered (slight eq moves, cutting unwanted frequencies and I widened it a bit to get more sepparation).

.mp3    back home 2.mp3 --  (Download: 9.68 MB)

Listened to v2. Bottom end (bass/kick/snare) is very dominating and out of balance with your Vox and mid-range instruments. If you look at a FFT spectrograph your sub 200 hz is way louder than your 200-2000hz musical/melody component. You use studio one - like me - so use Spectrum meter, on FFT set with freq range of 0-20Khz width and level range 0-96db.

Suggest you load up 10-20 CD tracks with as many different genres as you can find into your DAW and study FFT spectrographs and see how they look compared to your mix. Once you understand the spectrum, balancing becomes easier.

Also your vox fx are pretty washed out so pushing them back into the mix and accentuating the spectral imbalance.

This is a tricky mix as the original recording is fairly dark and dynamic so you need your EQ and compression chops up to scratch.

Lots of study and practice and your mixes will improve fast...keep it up.
Let me try version 3. This time I will mix with less low end and I will make lead vocal more in your face.
Now the version 3. I think that I have got to the point when it sounds like a record.

.mp3    v3.mp3 --  (Download: 9.53 MB)

(17-01-2015, 11:33 AM)Obelix Wrote: Now the version 3. I think that I have got to the point when it sounds like a record.

Much better...! That's a big improvement. Its now STARTING to sound like a record....once you get a mix into this sort of shape you you can begin making informed decisions about fine tuning levels, EQ, compression and FX.

well done