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Arise - Run Mix
Hello , Please let me know what u think!
take 2 Smile

.mp3    01 Run Run Run (Extended Mix).mp3 --  (Download: 8.24 MB)

From the start I was surprised with the rather dark sound of the bass and organ.
Then it became pretty striking compared to how bright your drums are... I quite like dark, but I think in that case, you should tame the cymbals/overheads and (spring?) reverb on the snare.
"Music, in performance, is a type of sculpture. The air in the performance is sculpted into something." - Frank Zappa

Some air moved here
thanks for feedback! I made the mix together in 3 hours, so I will listen again in 1-2 weeks, maybe i change some things Wink
I agree with ptalbot's comment
Cool mix. Very creative !!! The drum break is very interesting. The FX on the snare is perhaps not necessary on all ... But that's just my opinion ... Congratulations !!! Very god job !!
Can you listen to my mix and give your opinion? (Kamazi)
I really liked the snare drum rim spring reverb effect, only thing is there is too loud peak on 99Hz (way above -24dB) for my taste, on the other hand the rest of the spectrum looks clean and balanced (close to pink noise). Kick drum sounds deep enough but could be louder.
Usually almost no one here tries to get deep sounding kick drum, I guess it's because they have never heard how good sealed enclosure speakers with smooth spectrum from 20-20000Hz sound like.
My version of this song is deleted now so there is nothing to compare to.