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Loud And Clear analog Mix and Mastering.

.mp3    sucht song.mp3 --  (Download: 10.12 MB)

Okay, I'll donate my two cents on this one. Wink

Could use some more piano in the intro. I hear primarily vocal and bass guitar and a bit of cymbal. It just sounds very lonely up front...

Overall, the bass guitar and the vocals are too prominent I think. The vocal reverb is quite tasteful though.

Interesting choice of how to deal with the electric guitar and the piano. Just goes to remind us that there's more than one way to look at every tune.

A bit much snare and I think it could use a little more shaping both with compression and EQ. I think that may it may have a bit too much sustain for this song. The various hits also have inconsistant tone unfortunately (that's on the drummer, not you), and that makes it hard to deal with and both EQ and compression may help there.

Good overall effort though. Nothing is smacking me in the face (other than that snare drum) and you've got all the parts there. It's a worthy effort.

Keep it up!
Old West Audio