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SpedeMix of Long Road
Hi. Here's my mix of this tune. Immediately after hearing the preview mix I had an idea what to do with the piano. I also mangled the bass pretty hard to get that sub oomph what I feel modern D'n'B is all about and added an extra kick sample to get more bottom end. Mixing this took me about 3 and half hours including a lunch break.

.m4a    Long_Road_SpedeMix_Mastered.m4a --  (Download: 9.09 MB)

Hey ho Spede,

What a nice feeling to see your Mix of Long Road! Smile
Right of the Bat: That. Additional. Kick. Just lovely!
In addition to that, the effects are just amazing! I should have no expected anything other from you, really!
The Tremolo is suiting so well! The Synth-Lead sounds way more full now as well, the entire Track is shaking and moving!

Without being mean to the other people mixing this Track, but this is exactly what this Track was supposed to sound like when I was composing it back then.
Due to limitations in the past I couldn't translate the sound in my head to the Computer, but Spede, you've done a pretty good job mate!

Everything is well balanced and just lovely! Personally, I'd like to hear more Lead-Synth, but that is up to debate. You've added exactly what this Track was missing. Thanks for making my day a bit sweeter! Smile

Really looking forward to seeing more. Wink