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You Guessed it. . .LOUD AND CLEAR!
Guess what song it is! I had a lot of fun with this track. A lot of obstacles, some self imposed, but I made it through alright. Feedback would be loved, thanks!


I touched up multiple aspects of the mix. Whatcha think, now?

.mp3    Loud and clear Winds Up.mp3 --  (Download: 10.33 MB)

.mp3    Loud and clear Kick Up, Vox cleaned, toms cleaned.mp3 --  (Download: 10.21 MB)

Touched up the drums a bit.

.mp3    Loud and clear Drum Improve.mp3 --  (Download: 10.32 MB)

Exellent mix! In my opinion a little bit more kick will make this mix perfect.

Sounds great!
Recommendation... the refrain backing vocals. Find that low vocal, pan him dead center and then drop him down a touch so he blends better and replace him with a higher vocal. Maybe take the bass guitar down a couple of dB so the sustain doesn't ring through quite so prominently.

Otherwise, sounds good. (Wasn't it fun getting that ride to behave?)
Old West Audio
Latest version feels rather too spiky and strong on the 2-3kHz region. I'd look into using compression to give more sustain on the piano, acoustic guitar, and cymbals, and then supplement that with some tempo-delay patches too. I'd also be careful with EQ boosts in the upper midrange and high end, because they can be contagious! Smile
Thank you, I will edit and take your recommendations. That ride was a bitch to wrangle, but I think I got it fairly well under control.

Mike, i tried not to do much additive EQing, I wonder if it's my transient plugin that's causing it to spike. I'll roll that back a touch. Thanks for listening and for critiqueing!

Hello! Generally speaking I like your mix. It's powerfull and well balanced. Now some things I did not like and I believe you can do it better:
1) The acoustic guitar is a bit too loud, dry thin and harsh. I feel like you have cut all the area around 200-500Hz. So take a look at the ac.guitar.
2) Your drums are cool but a little muddy. Try to add some dbs on the 2-3kHz and 8-10kHz on the Drum Bus.
3) Finally I am trying to hear the piano. It's very muddy and at a very low level. Try to boost up some 1kHz and 12kHz and raise the volume level.
I hope that you may find my suggestions useful. Big Grin
Newest touch up, I think I cleared up the offending issues!

.mp3    Loud and clear V4.mp3 --  (Download: 10.33 MB)