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Skelpolu Human Mistakes Mix
Let me know how it sounds, thanks.

.mp3    Skelpolu Human Mistakes.mp3 --  (Download: 11.92 MB)

Hello DCAV,

Great to see your Mix of 'Human Mistakes'!
Right of the bat, I have noticed the lack of some handy reverb - It made the track feel a little bit too dry, which is amplified by the fact that the beginning of the composition itself is quite empty. It is up to the mix-engineer to decide for the feeling of the Song, that was just my impression of my own Song. Smile

In any case, what I have noticed is that the piano is quite stereo - I am not sure if that was intentional or not, but it is a tad distracting due to the fact that it also should use some more EQing to get rid of the plastic-speaker-vibe that I sense from it - But that only in case this effect was -not- intended.

Apart from that, I am happy with the Drum & Bass amount in this Mix - I would probably increase the phatness of the Snare by adding about 3 dB or more to the 200-350 Hz area to fit in with other Songs in this music-genre a bit more.

Overall, good job on this Mix, DCAV. Looking forward to see more of your Mixes of my Songs! Smile