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Skelpolu - Human Mistakes - Cloud Cuckoo Land Mix
Hi there,

this is a test mix i did on the Skelpolu song. Please post comments in my thread what you like and dislike.

Best regards,


.mp3    Master24Bit_Print02.mp3 --  (Download: 11.83 MB)


I really like what you did here. The mix sounds pretty balanced. The only thing I might look at is rolling off a little bit of the high end on the intro synth swell. Maybe adding a little dense reverb to it to sit it back a tad. I also like your low frequency. I might take some of the top end out of the kick, just a little. It's a little distracting on the chorus, but not so much on the verses.
Hey Cloud,

Lovable atmosphere created with reverb and delay right there!
I have noticed that some of the low-frequencies are taking up the space of the Bass, I'd add a HP-Filter at around 30 Hz just to make sure that there isn't any unwanted rumbling.
I'm missing a lot of Snare-Phatness which could be solved adding some 200-350Hz~. If you'd do that and add a compressor to tame the dynamics of the Snare, I think this Mix would be very stable and well-sounding! If you were to remove some of the Piano-Mud then as well, that'd be the cherry on top of the cake!

Good job so far, looking forward to see more! Smile