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Hollow Ground - Ill Fate Mix in 2 Hours
Hi everyone,

Im new to the forum. After reading and listening to some material on this website i really wanted to give it a go and contribute! Here is my 2 hour mix of the song "Ill Fate" by Hollow Ground.

went for quite a dark mix guitars wise as i think it suited its evilness! Plus, music gets too bright and loud nowadays Tongue

Tell me what you think! If you have any questions i would be happy to answer them.



.mp3    Hallow Ground Ill Fate db mix.mp3 --  (Download: 5.43 MB)

I can dig the want of a darker mix on this, but I think this hit a point of loss of definition in the drums and a little flabbiness in the low end range. Try listening to your mix at a lower volume and I think you'll hear what I mean.
Thanks for the input dude! I do understand about monitoring quietly, sounds fine this end to me. Maybe i need to use reference material more often. Normally just mix until i am happy.
You should check stuff from Sick of it all, Biohazard or newer bands like The Ghost Inside or even Throwdown. The latest Ghost inside has a really dark guitar tone that sounds like a typical podfarm tone. You might get a similar tone with podfarm and the DI files for Ill Fate if thats what you are looking for.

anyway, your mix is missing clarity and air. hihat and cymbals are really low - i can barely hear them. the biggest problem is the guitar tone. Did you highpass the guitars? I don't like killing all midrange information from metal guitars but in this case it's too much low/midrange. maybe a wide cut at 300-400 hz with 5-6 db on both guitars would help. or is the bass causing this problem?