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Hollow Ground Ill Fate mix and master
Hey guys i found this website yesterday and i downloaded some stems to practice

here's my version of ill fate

reamped left guitar with revalver 3, resampled the kick with a superior drummer one. Only Di for the bass (reamped through waves gtr, no cab)
2500 api for most of the drums

Enjoy and please give me your thoughts

.mp3    Mixdown Ill Fate .mp3 --  (Download: 4.91 MB)

Cheers mate. It's too much reverb on the vocals for this kind of music. This is hardcore, not mountaincore or cavecore, hahaha =) Just should listen to bands like The Ghost Inside or Hatebreed to get the right perspective.

Its really all about beeing aggressive, in your face. This is music born & played in very small venues, with people going crazy in the moshpit, stagediving, shouting and having a good time. Too much reverb on the vocals and you loose this attitude.