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Chris Durban - Celebrate (Don't let the gate hit you on the way out mix)
I love this track. I went mad a bit on the drums with tight gated reverb which I think fits well with the vibe.

I've pared it back a bit to create some space and added a shaker in the chorus to add something I thought was missing from the rhythm. I also tremoloed the rhythm guitar and did some panning to space it out and fit better with the tightly gated drums.

The bass end should be balanced but I'm not totally sure since my toddler destroyed my fave headphones so I'm using gaming headphones Smile

I hope you like it!

DAE: Reason 7
Mixed on Razer Maelstrom headphones.

.mp3    Chris Durban - Celebrate.mp3 --  (Download: 10.87 MB)

Great sounding mix ! I like the gated drums. I agree with you it fits the track well. Some real nice use of effect throughout the song. Good job.
Interesting things are going on there. Too much fx for my taste. What I did with bass in my mix is that I did sepparate mono and stereo version of it from same track. One that is mono is centered and is pitched an octave down, original or higher one is hi passed around 100 and distorted.