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My mix of Uncle Dad: Who I am
Tell me what you think about this mix. It is not my first mix, but the 1st one I uploaded.

.mp3    untitled32.mp3 --  (Download: 7.35 MB)

i really cant listen on my net computer,it only has little 1 inch speakers.i get a chance to download it and put it on my other computer i'll have a listen to it.
ok i downloaded sounds very good and professional.the presence of the vocs seems a bit lower at the beginning than the middle (but then it was sung that way).vocs were nice and clean.the kick drum has a bit too much beater sound for my taste,but it stands out well.the snare has a bit too much tap from the spot mics and could be a bit louder(could use a bit more decay).the guitars could be equed up a bit higher as well as the overall eq.very nice job on the dynamics,not too loud,not too quiet just right! i really dont know a lot about country music,just my opinion on how i would listen to it,speakers vary from listener to listener as do opinions.i always try to visualise the music as a perspective from the stage setting,panning,stereo field ect.good job,hope to hear more from you.
i'm not a big country fan but i really do like this song,had a great time mixing it and listening to the other mixes