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Arise - Run run run_Mix
I listened the version C.

SOunds good to me.

To make this more reaggae maybe the bass could be a little bit different. Now the bass doesn’t lead the song, instead it just follows. As the bass riff is quite nice, maybe you could add some articulation to it.

Those damped guitar strings feel quite loud to me. Listen for example around 2.15 with low volume.
Hi Ollie H, thanks a lot for the feedback!
Hearing it back i agree with you about that guitar volume, thanks for pointing it out to me!
About the genre-related issues, i know i'm guilty on that, as i wrote this is my first mix with reggae style music, and i didn't do the proper studies on how a reggae mix is usually done. But i'm a beginner in mixing, and still fighting with more general issues.
Anyway I'll have to face the genre related mix approach, so i find your observations on bass very useful. Don't know if i understood that correctly, that i should build the mix around the bass, and more articulated meaning things like automations to keep listener's attention on it?
Also, while mixing, i thought the bass could be inappropriate in terms of sound, maybe i re-amped it with too much distortion for the style, is that right? (I usually do that on rock mixes to have more harmonics on bass, so that i can hear it even on laptop speakers).

Again, thanks for your observations, i'm trying to learn and feedbacks are helping me much
(sorry that i wrote Ollie instead of Olli...)
With "articulation" I meant bass sound that better reveals the bass lines with reaggae feeling. For example without distortion, or just DI, or mixture of amp and di, or how about mixture of bass di and guitar amp. But anyway, anything that preserves that softly played riff.

In English the prononuciation of "Ollie" is about the same as the pronounciation of "Olli" in Finnish. But I have no idea what is the pronounciation of "Olli" in English. Smile
hi, why u have so much noise on the bass? maybe u forgot it? also the Balance is not good! so u mix with headphones?

Bless Dan