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Dead Roses
Here are the main things I did:

Aligned the first note of the song, muted the electric guitar in the instrumental outro and looped the first four bars so a longer fade could be done. I used a short & long reverb.

Flipped the overheads left-for-right and adjusted their balance to center them better. I flipped phase on both snares, gated the toms and set panning to audience perspective.

Ran the bass DI track through Gtr Solo and then copied & pasted several phrases. Delayed the track by 200 samples and added moderate compression.

Used the close miked piano track up to the outro and then switched to the room miked piano. I put parallel compression on the close piano & duplicated the fill parts to another track.

Used the “260” acoustic guitar track, duplicated the fills on a new track & added EQ to both.

Mainly used the CU29 for the electric guitar but also mixed in a little of the AR51. I put some light compression on, keyed moderate compression from the vocals and added an EQ cut around 1.6kHz. I also did a short section of volume automation and added some delay.

Added volume & pan automation, EQ, a de-esser and light compression to both vocal tracks.

.mp3    DeadRoses.mp3 --  (Download: 5.17 MB)