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Long Road (Sano mix)
Added a fair bit of distortion, saturation, bit crush etc to try and get the tracks a bit 'dirtier' than the raw tracks where.

.m4a    Long Road.m4a --  (Download: 7.21 MB)

Hey Sano. I saturated the living hell out my version as well Big Grin The lead synth clearly benefited from the saturation/distortion, and sounds great, but a little pushed back in the mix for me (the kick feels like it's rather in front of it.) Is there just a bit too much low end energy on the whole? I love the power but the kick and bass seem to disagree on occasion. Sounds like the bit-crushing is very powerfully acting on the bass synth's upper ranges(?) and it's smoothing the attack out a bit... saturation or distortion may play a role as well, but I'm not fussing.

Are the high mids on the reversed piano a bit harsh on your end?

Lots of cool ideas as usual, Sano, I really like listening to your electronic mixes for inspiration Smile
I'm grateful for comments and suggestions. Thank you for listening!
Thanks for your comments pauli. I've reworked the bass and kick. Listening back after a couple of days the kick didn't seem right to me and I think your were right there was too much low (it's so easy too get carried away) and it wasn't quite working so I think I've reach a better solution now.

You're right about the reverse piano being harsh It was harsh to begin with and I left it as it was to cut through, but now I've reeled them into a more sensible level.

.m4a    Long Road 2 (Sano mix).m4a --  (Download: 7.28 MB)

I'm not sure what you did to the bass, but it sounds ridiculously cool now Smile my low end monitoring is pretty imprecise, but I still feel like the bass synth might be overstepping it's bounds into the low end where the kick wants to be, but I think the low end energy in the kick is pretty much perfect now. This song has a bunch of weird places (like the intro) where the overall tonality is effectively bandpassed, and it is SO HARD to nail that down. Several times I put low end enhancers on the kick drum and piano and taking off the high pass filters, only to frighten the living hell out of dog, until I figured out what was going on. That was the one really difficult thing about this mix for me (and difficult it was) but the rest was pretty straightforward.

Reversed Piano sounds much better now, and your intro is really really nice. I was trying to get a similar pumping/sucking effect and ultimately wound up ditching the reversed piano altogether for the harshness, but you nailed it in my opinion.

Gotta say, I really like how smooth everything sounds... the colorful saturation is exactly what these tracks needed in my opinion, and it's awesome to hear someone else's take on the same concept that I was pursuing. Great work, sano.
I'm grateful for comments and suggestions. Thank you for listening!
Thanks pauli, the kick and bass were clashing so I've attempted to give them more separation.

.m4a    Long Road 3 (Sano mix).m4a --  (Download: 7.25 MB)

I personally think your first had the most appropriate amount of bass bottom end. It is suppose to be a bit overpowering Big Grin

I see more of an issue in the kick bottom end, which was quite lacking in the original kick (I had to cut the 160 Hz area like crazy and add lots of below that to make it sound at least somewhat "normal"). I don't hear any issues with kick and bass bottom end clashing against each other, not in any of your three mixes. Just checked again and yeah, the bottom end in your first mix is best for this kind of music. You could improve from there by getting more bottom end to the kick drum; it's not about too much bass, but too little of kick drum down there.

What would be a better point of reference than this?
Hey Sano!

Digging the Bass-sound a lot, just like Pauli mentioned it beforehand!
Great job on this one, Spede pretty much summed up what this Mix might need in order to sound even better.
The Multitracks to this Song are indeed not the best, just like the composition itself. It is almost screaming "Help! I need effort!" due to the lack of enthusiasm I had in the making of this Song back then.

I will release an Album on the 27th, and yes: Some of the tracks will also be sent to Mike, though the Multitracks & Composition are by far better this time around. So no worries there. Smile

But aside from that blabbering, I adore the effects on this Mix! Job well done and along with Spede in the most creative department of all Mixes to this Track! Smile