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c:fx: 'Mathematician mix/master
this is the first techno music i try to mix, it was fun but i noticed a noise in the backround and i had to use a gate for it but it didnt solve completly the problem, i think my subbass could sound a littel more presence and big but i did what i could, so please listen and tell me what you think Big Grin i see that not much people mix this song, anyways im open for any tip, critic etc have a nice day Tongue

.mp3    cfx_Mathematician.mp3 --  (Download: 9.42 MB)

Im not a big techno fan and struggle staying patient through the repetition until the next big entrance. I think the average listener is the same. If this were mixed for a video game then I would say this mix works. As a stand alone single it gets stale. When it picked up a minute or so in I started to feel it vibing but when I got up to get my dancing boots I wasnt feeling it anymore. More umph, more cheesy panning tricks, over the top effects, crazy eq, etc...either that or shorten the song lol. I'd live to hear you get creative with it.
yeah~ after i was done, i wasnt feeling it too, the mix is balance(i think xD) but it gets boring over time, i didnt push the song harder to work better with the dynamics aspects of a techno song, and a think thats something i should work now, and i didnt use any effects on any track, just a littel EQ and compression, btw, thax for the tips, im really glad you took the time to listen to my mix Big Grin cheers!