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Mathematician Mixed by Rickaudio Music
Hi Big Grin

Here is my mix. I use a little different approach regarding the focus of attention in the mix. I hope you people like it.

.mp3    Mathematician.mp3 --  (Download: 12.59 MB)

Feedback are welcome.
sorry Big Grin
From production view i like how you cleaned up the mids: Now I got a bit more room for few further FX here and there (as it's some sort of trance) or another instrument...
but i would try to keep it still as minimum possible...

From mastering / mixing aspects I really like the low end now (maybe also co-effect of the low-mid-cleaning) tight and clean as it should be Wink
the snare / clap could have some tiny reverb (the send highpassed), but i guess that's a matter of taste...

For now i can't say much more - I will give it a listen on different monitors /phones and compare it to Andrea's version and mine.
give me some days...

and thanks! Smile
Thanks for the feedback.
And thanks for the opportunity to work on your music.
I appreciate it and I know every body in this community feel the same.
and I really appreciate your words :-)

Ok, I have to revise my above comment about the snare... (when i wrote it, I only compared only few seconds in the middle of the mix A to B ... I should look at the raw multi-track again... was it a snare and a clap? ;-) )
so now I think the snare /clap changes well over time. Sometimes more dry, sometimes wet... I like it.

Furthermore I noticed one mistake on my track (by me): I wanted to have an alternating snare with one short and one long decay... but not all the time... some parts should have consistent decays^^

Anyhow, I still really like it, it sounds great, but it should get a lot more intense towards the end (or continuously increase, see page 120, if you own the book)
so... one idea I have in mind is to make it more "dirty" (e.g. distortion) during the time. (I guess it's more an arrangement- than a mixing-question)

And after listening it like 1000 times now i start to hate the beginning^^ (also more an arrangement than a mixing-question) maybe it should fade in softly etc...
hope this helps (though I criticized more my own multi-track than your mix)

oh and please excuse my bad English Wink
Hi c-fx,

The history is:
Afther I done with dymamics, I start making space and putting sounds in the pannorama. I prepared a gated reverb for the claps so when they hit togeter I can get a close snare with a nice tali and let the structure of the song to work on the variations. But the overall sound still had a lot of space, so the hi-hat have the power to fill that space. I found the sound so, I filed the space and as a happy blooper we make a hihat+verb solo, and build a thick ending to the final session of the track. Chapter 8 ... Rigth?
My English ... not so well but ... tomorrow it will be a bit better. Or a lot who knows Big Grin. Spanish is my first language.

Have a good one.
hi Rick,

great, thanks for the explanations, I will try to hear that^^
is there anything about the multi-track that could have been better? might help me to make a better one the next time :-)
yes chapter 8... haha I think I'm gonna read the book once more, can't be a bad idea too Wink
I like your optimism Smile
have a nice day!
Hi c-fx,
Ok, here is my critic:
I think that the track must be a little more dynamic, I'm refering the sessions. I think the structure of the track is nice because it complement your offer; for example the very first part with that strong bass and its echo, those metalic sounds hitting the floor or the bloop-pup-up comming from the left and rigth side of the pannorama. All the elements are well presented in the content. Now, the dense parts of the tracks can be fatter, a few more instruments, and/or layers of sound, little more aggressive, so it contrast more between the presentation of the elements. But ... it's a subjective opponion. I like the track ... Big Grin it is very intresting, you did a great job. I hope this help for the next project. Wink

Keep in contact !!!

thanks a lot, this is big motivation, thanks! very helpful tips Smile
I was not sure if it's part of the mixer or the "arranger" so I'll pay attention to dynamics next time. Playing guitar helps me on that as well luckily ;-)

I will do so!! :-)