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Mute mix by Daghan
Hi this is my mix of Mute from How To Kill A Conversation. This is one of my first mixes and I had some difficulty doing it. I am open for any criticism.

.mp3    Mute.mp3 --  (Download: 5.22 MB)

The balance is ok. The voice maybe is a little loud and the hihat too loud.

The mix need more separation. There bass and guitar are clouding the mix in the low mids area.

And the drums should be way more powerful. The kick drums lacks impact and gets lost in the mix.

I suggest too edit a lot before mixing, because the playing is too sloppy and gets in the way of getting a good mix.
Please comment on others mixes, this site is all about feedback.
- Balance need work. For instance: Vocal is too low. Hi-Hat is really loud, kick is non existent. Guitars are too loud.
- Mix is lacking bottom end.
+ Guitar tones sound really good. No EQ needed.
+ Nice live vibe.
Thank you for your comments, I will work on them.
The snare could do with a little bit more definition, but I actually quite like this mix, its preserved the lo-fi quality of the recording.