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Borderline - The Glyn Johns mix
(15-06-2014, 11:42 AM)Olli H Wrote: This multitrack would have been much better if Glyn Johns had recorded those drums. My all time favorite sounds in this genre is Glyn John's recordings of Eagles.

haha.. yes, I agree
The Glyn Johns drum mic'ing technique is very tricky.. it's very dependent on how the drummer plays the kit, and your mic placement and mic choices are so much more critical than close mic'ing everything on a kit.

If the drummer can control his enthusiasm on hitting the cymbals too hard.. A nice pair of KM184 as overhead mics can work well.

If the drummer is a cymbal basher.. a pair of ribbon mics is the ticket.

Have a listen to Glyn Johns' production on Ryan Adams 'dirty rain'
Full and rich grate drums !. i would lower the vox pitch a little.
Grate mix
(13-06-2014, 02:43 AM)Marc Gosselin Wrote: Production wise.. my mix is an ode to Glyn Johns
or.. Ethan Johns for that matter 

Interesting song..
I'm Canadian and I live in a city not too far away from the US border

Though I suspect that this song was about the Detroit area, perhaps ??


Hello, Marc! 
Love your mix! Good vibes 
Hope you like mine Smile